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Burl's Aircraft, LLC has been in business since 1982. A well-respected firm with a strong reputation for quality work and high integrity. Burl's Aircraft Rebuild designs, engineers and manufactures FAA approved parts for light general aviation (GA) aircraft (up to 12,500 lbs.)

In March of 1982, Burl began production of the Magnum I tailwheel penetration ski. It is still a very popular item, with nearly 425 units built and sold since production began. There are currently 8 models of the Magnum I penetration ski in use today. It is also FAA approved.

Take a look around the site. If you are an aviation enthusiast, I think you will agree that Burl's Aircraft, LLC has a lot to offer. We have also included a forum for anything that you would like to post for other viewers. For example, are you looking for a part and having a hard time finding it? Do you have parts that you would like to sell? Or maybe you have a question that you need the answer to. You can do all this here in my forum. Just click on the link above.


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STC'd FAA-PMA'd Fuel Valves

After 3 1/2 years of research and development, we can finally give you what you've been asking for:

a fuel valve to fit every Aeronca and American Champion built after the Aeronca C3

FAA-PMA'd Wheels and Brakes

After 2 years of research and development, Service Bulliten No. 15AC-WBKIT.

Installs a new, replacement wheel & brake kit to fit the Aeronca Model 15AC and S15AC Sedan Airplanes